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June 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence & Hershey

IDR-Free-Twizzlers-800x533.jpg We've shipped another national promotion for Hershey's, this time featuring Independence Day: Resurgence which is sure to be another summer blockbuster.

May 2016

Custom Data Celebration

CDS_35th_Anniversary_Concepts-1.jpg Our good friends at Custom Data Solutions allowed us to help in celebrating their 35 years of providing world class data collection and analysis for companies across the country. We developed promotional items for staff, customers and key accounts along with trade adverts and electronic media to celebrate the event.

April 2016

Shuffling off to Vegas

71gGCwNN-GL._UL1500_.jpg Packing our best comfy footwear to once again roam the tradeshow floor at the yearly CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas. So nice to see all of our friends in the entertainment industry once again, no matter how much beer must be consumed!

April 2016

Growing the 89X Brand

89XLogo50inch.jpg How can 89X possibly get bigger?! We are so happy that 89X radio has entrusted us to help build the brand for Detroit's top Alternative radio station. We've just completed delivery on brand new 54" wide repeating banners for use at live events. Printed on nice neat 500 foot rolls and cut to length, the repeating logo makes an amazing visual statement!

April 2016

Great Branding - Low Price!

Roll-Banners.jpg Our radio station clients have an ongoing need to build their brand with every live event they host. We have produced full size stage banners, sound tower banners as well as these light weight disposable roll banners. With dozens of banners per roll, the station simply decides how much coverage they'd like and rolls off that amount. A perfect way to deliver a strong brand message at pennies per image.

September 2015

Hershey PAN Promotion

PAN-Free-Milk-Duds-800x533.jpg We are ready to ship another nationwide promotion featuring Milk Duds and warner Bros. PAN! Materials will be featured in cinemas across the US.

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